How To Optimize Instagram Content To Rank Your Profile Higher?

How To Optimize Instagram Content To Rank Your Profile Higher


In today’s world, social media plays important role in our lives. It is a new mood of communication as well as marketing. Besides this one can earn money from social media If he/she has a good number of followers on their social media accounts. To get more followers on social media we need to optimize our content so that our profile ranked on top, which will help us get more followers. In this article, we will see how we can optimize our Instagram profile to get on top.

Following are some of the tips for you that can help you move your profile on top.

Post Format

We can post content on Instagram in three different formats that are Photos, videos, and carousels. Now the question is what works best?

Algorithmically Instagram does not have a preference for photos versus videos. It all depends on your audience if your audience prefers videos, you should create videos, and if you the photos post photos.  So you have to look at your matrix to determine that. But for a carousel, we have a little hack for you. Carousel allows you to post chunk of photos and videos in one post. You can post 2 to 10 photos in a single carousel post which people can swipe through to see them all. Why do we love these as a hack is because it doubles the chance of exposure. If someone sees your post and they ignore it, Instagram will show them the same post again while they login some other time, most likely with a second image or any other in the sequence so this doubles your chance to get exposure.


Your actual post content holds great importance in your profile boosting. The actual creativity you put in there is what you should focus on. Here are a couple of things you should think about.

Color has got a great role to play in attracting people. The color blue is proven to get you probably more engagement. More people react to blue color so you should focus on adding any blue item to your content. It can be sky, clothing, or anything.


People connect more with the people so rather than placing your product on a box or the shelf, have someone to hold that product or use that product while taking a picture or creating a video.

Use muted Background

Always use minimal background it can be light background, white or gray, something that is very muted, and then a bold pop of color that stands out in the feed. That will give viewers to slow the scroll and pay more attention to your content.

Show Animals

Everybody loves cute Animals, puppies, kittens, pigs, sheep, etc. if you can add animal components into your image, you are probably going to get more engagement.

Use Text Overlay

Using two are three words overlayed on your post that tells people about what is gonna be in this caption. It catches the attention of the people and people immediately stop for it and read your caption.


The caption is super important to driving conversion. To make sure you need to have a good strong caption and the first step to this is to write a really good and catchy first sentence of your caption as the caption gets truncated with dot dot dot so people are going to read the first two lines of your caption. You can use some catchy words or use cool emojis to get the interest of the people.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly powerful and can help you reach a greater audience. Using relevant hashtags is very important. Know your potential target audience and then use hashtags related to your content. For example, if you are a wildlife photographer you can add hashtags like #nature, #photography, #animals, etc.


This tip is for you, if you want more traffic to come to your profile you need to spend more time on Instagram while engaging with other people. Make sure to login at least once a day and to drop a like, comments, and share some posts as this will bring more engagement to your profile. You can also take assistance from professionals like GoYou Branding for ranking your profile higher.