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We aspire to correspond all our efforts in order to engage new and existing customers efficiently and effectively through our Email Marketing Service strategies. Our tailor-made marketing campaigns for every segment helps in efficient advertising of several products and services.

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    Increase Your Sales and Conversation Email Marketing Agency

    Our Email Marketing Service not only gives you the benefit of better connectivity with your targeted audience it also helps you to maximize your returns on your investments. Apart from attracting new potential customers, Email marketing is quite efficient in maintaining contact with your existing customers about the latest company news and deals.

    In order to flourish your brand awareness and drive conversions personalized, targeted, and segmented email marketing service can prove to be a boon. Best Email Marketing Service is a key to business growth in special reference to maintaining long-lasting and profitable relationships along with ROI.

    Our Email marketing strategy is a complete package to achieve the best possible and maximized brand engagement. We boast experts who are well knowledgeable in using several tools, implementing strategies, and result tracking in order.

    Our vision is to completely handle your email marketing strategy ranging from services like template design and tracking and reporting.

    Why Is E-mail Marketing Important?

    One of the best methods for reaching and interacting with your audience is through email marketing.

    You may customize your content utilizing email marketing and modify messages based on customer action. To make sure that the proper leads are receiving the most useful information at the most suitable moments, you can segment your audiences as well.

    We’ve compiled a list of compelling reasoning for why your company must begin implementing email marketing to connect with as well as engage your target audience:

    1. Email advertising is affordable.
    2. With email marketing, you may reach more customers on mobile devices.
    3. The process of email marketing can be automated.
    4. Personalizing content for email marketing is simple and increases response rates.
    5. You may add interactivity to your email marketing.
    6. It is simple and quick to evaluate your email marketing activities.

    What We Provide In E-mail Marketing Service

    Establish Your Reputation and Improve Your Response Rates

    Email Marketing Performance Audit and Strategy

    As trends change, your email marketing strategy needs to be adapted to it. Analyzing each factor that affects the success of email marketing is the process of conducting an email marketing audit. You can identify problems with your send lists, scheduling, content, and much more with the aid of a complete email marketing audit. Our email marketing agency does audits of both B2C and B2B email marketing to find factors influencing your marketing success and pinpoint issues obstructing your email marketing strategy.

    Custom Template Design and Development
    • You don’t have the internal resources necessary to create drip campaigns and email marketing newsletter templates. We develop, implement, and release fresh email templates as your exclusive provider of email marketing service that are consistent with your branding and enhance the user experience (UX).
    Email Marketing Management

    Email marketing is an effective marketing channel that uses email to advertise the goods and services provided by a company. Email marketing is a type of direct marketing as well as digital marketing. By incorporating it into your marketing automation initiatives, it can help inform your clients about your most recent products or offers. Our email marketing agency collaborates with your internal staff to develop a long-term lucrative email marketing strategy.

    Email Marketing Automation Management

    Email marketing for eCommerce, Shopify, and other business models involves much more than merely starting email marketing campaigns and regular newsletter services. To improve your email marketing optimization, you must use email automation. The process of automatically sending emails to a large number of recipients, tracking information about email interaction, and tailoring the content for each prospect is known as email automation or email marketing automation. It ensures that each recipient receives the appropriate message at the appropriate moment, increasing engagement and, ultimately, conversion rates. For maximum results, email automation should be used with other marketing and sales techniques.


    ESP Review and Migration

    Is your current ESP sufficient to satisfy your needs, or do you need to switch to a platform with more features? Do you have issues with reporting, data, or integrations? We work with you to assess your options for an email marketing provider so you can receive the most return on your investment.

    E-commerce Email Marketing Service

    Email is a crucial tool for e-commerce because it’s used to send transactional, promotional, and lifecycle messages. It’s a clever strategy to engage users of mobile devices and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Our team of professionals in eCommerce email marketing is skilled at managing email marketing campaigns using a variety of ESPs

    Email Newsletters Service

    Newsletters tell the story of your brand and help your customers and future customers to stay updated and engaged on brand promotions, product changes, and other marketing initiatives. As a top provider of best email marketing service, DY Tech Solutions offer a cost-effective email newsletter service that takes care of all the technical requirements for you.

    Email Blast Service
    • A single email message is sent simultaneously to a huge email list of subscribers without strategy or segmentation. This practice is known as sending an email blast (or e-blast) in the context of email marketing.We offer you email blast services in an effective way.


    Our Pricing Plans

    Basic Plan

    Email Quantity1,00,000 per month
    Geo Optimising Campaign

    5,000Per Month


    Advance Plan

    Email Quantity3,00,000 - 5,00,00 per month
    Geo Optimising Campaign

    10,000Per Month

    Premium Plan

    Email Quantity5,00,000 or more per day
    Geo Optimising Campaign

    18,000Per Month

    Why Choose DY Tech Solutions E-mail Marketing Service?

    DY Tech Solutions  is one of the leading email marketing firms and it provides the greatest services at competitive prices. The best method to guarantee success and maximize your return on investment is to collaborate with an email marketing agency.  If used properly, email marketing offers a variety of advantages to both you and your potential customers. 

    It might be hard to manage your email list and create useful divisions, especially if you’re also handling other channels. This step of the process will be handled by an expert email marketer who will also assist you in expanding your subscriber base.

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    Some of The Brands We Work With

    Most Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies for promoting and marketing a brand. They are the best way to stay in touch with your customer base because they are effective, mysterious, invisible, and so many other things. We become aware of them after we start using them since they are a silent method of promotion. For many years, one of the most widely used forms of marketing has been email marketing.

    An email newsletter is a regular email that your business sends to subscribers and clients. It displays any fresh offerings from your business, be they goods or services. It's an opportunity to share information with customers that might change how or why they choose to buy your products. A good strategy to stay in touch with your consumers and keep them informed is by using newsletters. It is an inexpensive and effective method of getting your message out to lots of people.

    Almost all businesses utilize email marketing in their everyday operations. Because of this, it's critical to understand how to get past a spam filter and easily contact the people on your contact list. We must avoid spam triggers from email content and use relevant content to make sure our email doesn't become a victim of spam filter and emails don't end up in spam folders.

    1. Open rate and click-through rate

    2. Engagement over time
    3. Campaign Bounce Rate
    4. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
    5. Campaign Best Time
    6. Campaign Unsubscribe Rate
    7. Revenue per email campaign

    There isn't just one method to approach it. As a general matter, you should stick to HTML emails when sending emails that are associated with your brand (newsletters, product updates, etc.). But if someone is emailing the receiver (for sales enquiries, cold outreach, or follow-ups), stick to plain-text emails. If you sell actual products or operate an eCommerce business, you may want to use HTML emails to present your products in a visually appealing way.